65mg caffeine┃100% vegan┃15mg broad spectrum CBD

Energy and serenity in a bottle. Crafted with the power of nature.

Holy Ganja Awake uses an optimal blend of botanicals, caffeine, and cannabis to create an all-natural performance enhancer for brain and body. It was designed to help you get all the life stuff done, whether that’s an endurance workout or an epic to-do list. Carefully brewed by artisan hands, we added 65mg of natural caffeine from organic coffee cherries – called cascara – and 15mg of full spectrum CBD from biologically grown plants. CBD enhances the mental alertness induced by caffeine and reduces annoying side-effects like anxiety and jitters. Holy Ganja Awake is a great alternative to chemical-filled energy drinks, cheap sugar highs, and caffeine jitters. Energizing, anti-oxidizing & immune boosting!

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